3 Surprising Ways an HVAC System Alters Restaurant Business

Marietta HVAC Company Casual Restaurant Interior | Anytime MariettaRestaurant owners and operators know that efficiency is key when it comes to handling food preparation, service, and customer comfort. It’s a constant struggle to control costs without sacrificing the quality of the diners’ experience.

This is especially true when it comes to energy consumption. Restaurants use more than twice as much energy per square foot than other commercial operations. Food prep equipment and HVAC systems are the two main factors that drive higher utility bills.

If you want to control or reduce energy costs, a Marietta HVAC company can evaluate your current HVAC system and make upgrade recommendations. The following are just a few ways modifying an HVAC system can alter a restaurant business.

Size Affects Performance

HVAC units may seem one-size-fits-all because of their simple description, but the truth is far from that. The size of your restaurant, the traffic you get, and the hours you’re open all change the way your system affects your business.

According to recent studies, 25% of all rooftop HVACs are oversized and are not running efficiently. A properly sized HVAC unit can dramatically bring down the cost of bills, keep your equipment running longer, and reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint.

When getting your system installed or upgraded, ask the technician about the appropriate size for your space.

Ventilation Influences Temperature

The kitchen and dining area have two drastically different temperature requirements. The first is often the hottest part of the restaurant, making it difficult to keep the latter cool and comfortable.

Proper ventilation keeps kitchen heat from spilling out into the dining area. Demand-based controls for ventilation use sensors to gauge cooking temperatures, adjusting exhaust fans as needed. Installing these controls on new or existing equipment can reduce energy costs by 30-50%.

When it comes to ventilation, don’t forget your restrooms. Their vents tend to run constantly, driving energy costs. Switching to energy-efficient ventilation fans will reduce operating costs.

Smart Thermostats React for You

Programmable and smart thermostats streamline how you control the temperature within the restaurant. They monitor the environment and adjust temperatures accordingly. This ensures you won’t accidentally forget to turn the unit down before you leave for the night.

Restaurants can save around 10% a year on energy costs just by programming the thermostat to drop the temperature when customers and employees aren’t in the building.

Reduce Costs by Upgrading HVAC Equipment

The comfort of staff and guests is largely influenced by the performance of your HVAC unit. With rebates and other incentives available for new, more efficient systems, the cost of upgrading is still a wise investment.

Anytime HVAC in Marietta provides free estimates on all new equipment so you can be sure you’re getting just what your business needs.

To schedule your free consultation, contact us or call 678-606-9006 today.

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