5 Clever Ways to Disguise Your AC Unit

Marietta AC Company Lattice Fence in Garden | Anytime MariettaThe sun is out, and Georgia is warm again! This means it’s time to fire up the grill, fill up the cooler, and get outside with some friends. Outdoor parties are a staple of the summer months. One thing you don’t want when your friends or family show up is a loud, unsightly AC unit greeting them. When it comes to disguising your AC unit, there are endless possibilities. Here are some ideas from a local Marietta AC company to help inspire your creativity to safely and properly build a disguise.

Risk-Free Lattice

One concern of disguising your AC unit is the risk of not providing enough airflow to keep the unit from overheating. A lattice fence has holes that eliminates this risk. However, a plain lattice enclosure can be quite dull. Consider dressing it up with ornate posts or pieces of greenery. Lattice can be both functional and beautiful.

DIY Log Cabin

One of the inexpensive and easier ways to disguise your AC unit is by stacking two-by-fours to shape a topless “log cabin” around the unit. Like the lattice, it breathes well and won’t cause your unit to overheat. The “log cabin” tends to be thick and very difficult to see into. Because you’re building it from the ground up, it’s very easy to stain the wood to match your house.

Encased in Iron

If you are looking for a more industrial or modern look, an iron trellis may be the best solution. Normally, it pairs best with brick houses, but vines seem to be very attracted to the trellis, making it a great option for any residence. A non-aggressive and controllable vine that flowers, like Climbing Hydrangeas, are a great visual to pair with this type of unit disguise.

Vertical Garden

The vertical garden is a great option if you have time to grow and maintain it. These enclosures are some of the most beautiful disguises, but also the most time consuming. If you do go this route, be sure to leave ample space between the inner wall of the plants and the unit to ensure proper circulation and maintenance accessibility.

Bamboo Fencing

A bamboo wall surrounding your unit is a great idea if you want to completely enclose your AC while still maintaining good air flow. This disguise tends to be a little more flimsy, which is not ideal for homes with children or large dogs.

Now that you have some inspiration, get out there and make sure your unit is hidden and not distracting for your next outdoor party. Just be sure to leave plenty of space for maintenance and air flow. For more information, contact Anytime HVAC of Marietta or call 678-606-9006.

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