5 Ways To Stay Cool With Less Energy

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As spring breezes turn into summer scorchers, our energy bills skyrocket almost overnight. The rising temperatures make the temptation to crank the a/c overwhelming. But don’t reach for the thermostat just yet. Try some of these suggestions on staying cool without going broke.Peppermint

1. Add peppermint.
Whether you’re cooking with it or showering with it, peppermint is an excellent natural way to lower your body temperature. Make some iced mint tea, or run to the store and pick up some peppermint soap. Between the cooling menthol and the relaxing smell, you’ll forget all about being hot.

2. Make sure your ceiling fans run counter-clockwise.
Most fans have a switch on the side to change the direction of the fan blades. Running your fan counter-clockwise forces the air in the room downward, creating a wind-chill factor, which keeps you cooler.
3.Try some body-cooling yoga poses.Yoga Yoga is a great way to cool down and stay fit at the same time. Try Breathing Goddess, Cobra pose, or a Supported Shoulder Stand just to name a few! You can view the full list of cooling summer yoga poses here.
4. Get rid of incandescent light bulbs.
Not only do these guys suck energy, they also produce a surprising amount of heat. Switch to LED or florescent light bulbs to keep your house cooler and more energy efficient.
5. Keep the air circulating when you sleep.
SleepBecause your body temperature drops when you sleep, it’s almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep when you’re burning up. Make sure your sheets are made of a breathable material, like cotton, and always keep the air in your room circulating with a fan. Don’t like air blowing directly on you? Invest in a window fan to keep the cool air moving without the breeze.

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