6 Issues That Can Hurt Commercial AC Efficiency

6 Issues That Can Hurt Commercial AC Efficiency | Anytime MariettaFor commercial property owners and managers, one of the most important factors of property upkeep is maintaining the HVAC system. In addition to maintaining temperature consistency, the HVAC system impacts safety, energy bills, productivity, and employee and customer comfort. With temperatures on the rise, it’s important to pay attention to issues that can hurt your commercial AC efficiency. If you see warning signs of the following problems, it’s time to call a professional Marietta AC company to look at your system.

Refrigerant Leaks

Hot or warm air coming out of the AC unit could indicate low or leaking refrigerant. This is the liquid that the condenser uses to cool and dehumidify the air before it circulates through the building. Without enough refrigerant, the temperature inside the building will rise while the outdoor unit works overtime, resulting in additional system issues.  

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

Air filters improve air quality, but they need to be changed regularly to avoid reduced AC efficiency. If they’re dirty, worn, or clogged, it forces the air conditioning unit to work harder and consume more energy. They should be replaced at least quarterly to maintain system performance.

Thermostat Issues

Air conditioning issues don’t always stem from the HVAC system. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it will struggle to regulate the timing and temperature settings for your air conditioning unit. An experienced HVAC technician can help you identify the problem with the thermostat that’s causing unexpected temperature fluctuations.

Unbalanced Airflow

If the conference room is freezing while the front desk feels like a sauna, the issue could be coming from unbalanced dampers or leaks in the ductwork. As the system feeds air into the vents, it first passes through a series of ducts before flowing into individual rooms. If the dampers aren’t balanced or there’s a crack in the ducts, you’ll see temperature inconstancies in the building.

Strange Noises

Your air conditioning unit should function with minimal noise. Whistling, screaming, and clanking sounds are all an indication that it’s time to call a professional. There could be a broken fan or a loose piece of ductwork that’s rattling around in the unit.

Neglected Maintenance

Preventative maintenance programs are the best thing you can do for the life of your commercial HVAC system. When you neglect regular maintenance, it allows minor issues to go undetected until they develop into expensive repairs.

Anytime HVAC provides annual maintenance, repairs, and new installation services to business across the Marietta area. When you keep your system running efficiently with regular maintenance, operational costs decrease and shelf life boosts. Don’t let little issues have a dramatic impact on your air conditioning’s efficiency. Contact Anytime HVAC at 678-606-9006 today to schedule maintenance service with our AC professionals.

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