A Beginner’s Guide to Zoning for Marietta Homeowners

Do you ever feel like you’re battling against the other members of your household over the temperature inside of your home? It can become stressful and even wasteful to continuously adjust the thermostat to varying temperatures according to what each family member wants to feel comfortable. 

A Beginner's Guide to Zoning for Marietta Homeowners | Anytime HVACWith temperatures in the Atlanta area fluctuating year-round, chances are your family members may need comfort control of their own. There’s a solution and it’s called zoning. Here’s a beginner’s guide to zoning for Marietta homeowners:

What Is Home Zoning?

A zoning system allows you to change the temperatures in different areas of your home by accessing different thermostats placed throughout different locations. With zoning, you’re able to divide your home into sections or “zones,” giving you the control to make your home perfectly comfortable for everyone living there.  

Each zone has its own thermostat that can be changed without affecting the temperatures of other zones in your home. Zones are usually identified as bedrooms, living rooms, office areas, and kitchens or sunrooms.

The Benefits of Zoning

In addition to providing extra comfort, zoning systems meet the specific temperature and airflow requirements of each area, independently, without affecting other spaces that may sit at different temperatures.

Furthermore, zoning allows you to provide comfort to all members of your household, while also saving in the process. An effective zoning system will help you save hundreds of dollars each year on heating and cooling costs. While a traditional HVAC system disperses air throughout your home on one temperature setting, a zoning system allows you to change temperatures or even turn off your HVAC system in certain areas that aren’t being occupied. This cuts energy usage for those areas, which is what saves you money.

Choosing Anytime HVAC For Your Zoning System in Marietta

Companies like Anytime HVAC specialize in providing comfortable airflow to all areas of your home without using unnecessary energy. Our professional HVAC technicians install zoning systems and walk you through step by step procedures on how to set up your system.

In addition, at Anytime HVAC, we’ll get you the most competitive price in the Marietta area so you can save money even before you start using your zoning system.

For more information on zoning system installation, contact us today!

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