Want to Go Green? Go Geothermal!

Marietta AC Company Planet Earth | Anytime HVACSummer is upon us, and ACs will be cranking up in Georgia, most of them using non-renewable, inefficient energy sources. Luckily, new geothermal systems have been developed to help protect the Earth and your wallet! These systems utilize the Earth’s natural heat to power both the heating and cooling used in your home or building. They use the ground as a heat source in the winter and a heat “sink” in the summer, which makes the systems much more efficient than traditional units.

Before calling a Marietta AC company, here’s information about how these systems are more cost effective, environmentally conscious, and noise reducing than what you currently have.

Better for Your Budget

Anyone who has weathered a hot Georgia summer has seen the astronomical spikes on their utility bill from increased AC usage. This increase is due to the greater use of electricity to power your system. Geothermal systems acquire four units of free electricity for every one paid unit by pulling from the Earth’s natural energy. This process makes the system four times more efficient than current fossil fuel systems. According to some estimates, geothermal units can slash your bills by 70%, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Protecting Our Atmosphere

Greater energy consumption is not only costly to our wallet, but also our atmosphere. The U.S. Department of Energy found that “nearly 40% of all U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide are the result of heating, cooling, and hot water systems in residential and commercial buildings.” The installation of geothermal systems would reduce this greatly. In fact, conventional systems produce an extra pound of carbon dioxide more per hour than geothermal systems. If 100,000 conventional units were replaced with new geothermal models over a twenty-year period, it would be the same as removing 60,000 cars from the highways or planting 120,000 new trees. With over 400,000 people in Atlanta alone, imagine the impact on the environment by simply switching the type of heating and AC units the city relies on.

The Quiet Solution

The benefits of geothermal systems can also influence your quality of life. Perhaps while relaxing on your porch, or playing with the kids in the yard, you’ve been startled by the loud, clanking fans of your AC unit. Just a few feet below ground, geothermal units pull in the cool, underground air that’s typically around 50 degrees, regardless of the season. Since geothermal units are buried, they are completely silent outdoors. Now, you can kick back and enjoy those warm summer days in peace and quiet.
If you would like to help protect our planet, save money, and enjoy your home more, Anytime Heating & Cooling is a Marietta AC company that would love to help. Contact us for more info, or give us a call today at 770-504-5881 to schedule an appointment.

4 AC Smells That Could Mean Trouble

Marietta AC Company Air Vent | Anytime HVACWhen outdoor temperatures rise and you turn your AC on, all you expect in return is a breeze of refreshing, cool air. However, sometimes, that air is accompanied by a strange odor. Unpleasant HVAC smells aren’t just annoying — they could also indicate hazardous issues. If you notice any of the following four strange smells in your home, don’t ignore them. Some problems have a DIY solution, while others require that you contact a Marietta AC company to get to the bottom of the issue.

Rotten Eggs

That “rotten egg” smell is actually sulfur, which is added to odorless natural gas as a safety mechanism. If you smell sulfur coming from an AC vent, there could be a gas leak near the air ducts. AC units are usually connected to a complete HVAC system that includes a heating unit, making a gas leak a deadly possibility. Leave your house as soon as you notice a rotten egg smell. Your first call should be to your gas company, and your second to a Marietta AC company.


If your HVAC system is too small for your home, it will struggle to remove the correct amount of warm air and humidity from your space. The smell itself is annoying, but that’s not the only problem with an undersized AC unit. It will also have to work harder to cool the rooms in your home, often struggling to reach the desired temperature. This will drive up your energy costs while negatively impacting the comfort levels in your home, as well as producing a foul odor.

Dirty Feet

Stinky feet smells come from clogged, dirty air conditioners. Stagnant water that hasn’t drained properly produces musky smells, like what you’d experience at the gym or if someone put their dirty socks in the air vent. Have an HVAC professional repair and clean your unit to ensure proper water drainage, which will remedy the smell issue.


Moldy odors are a common complaint with AC units. Multiple parts of your HVAC system could experience mold and mildew growth, including the duct system and condenser coils. Don’t ignore this odor. Excessive, lingering moisture could be growing a population of mold spores in your home. Depending on the severity of the issue, the problem could be solved simply by replacing your filter, evaporative coil, or the whole cooling unit.

Count on Anytime HVAC for the Help You Need

It’s never a good sign when there are strange smells coming from your AC unit or air vents. Give Anytime HVAC a call at the first sign of unpleasant odors. We provide 24/7 emergency repair services, as well as preventative maintenance programs and free estimates on new equipment. Contact us today or call 678-606-9006 to schedule your appointment.

Hospital Infection Control: HVAC’s Surprising Role 

The Center for Health Design examined 120 independent studies and concluded clinical outcomes improved Marietta AC Company Clean Hospital | Anytime HVACfor patients under the following conditions: first, they were in a quality-centered care in a healthcare facility, and second, the temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality were effectively monitored and controlled.

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are common in the U.S., even though the CDC estimates 70% of them are preventable. HVACs play a critical role in keeping the environment safe and comfortable, not only for patients, but for family, friends, doctors, and personnel. Before contacting a Marietta AC company, here are some ways your HVAC affects patient outcomes.

You’re Surrounded by Floating Contaminants

It’s ideal to keep operation rooms between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit along with a desiccant dehumidifier to control moisture. Because pathogens love a warm place to breed, keeping it chillier will help fend them off.

Ventilation systems should be able to withstand frequent airflow changes to restrict the passing of particulates like molds, bacteria, and viruses. With the most recent technology, managers can better maintain the two types of pressure levels to restrict the movement of contaminants: negative pressure in isolation rooms where germs need to be contained, and positive pressure in operation rooms to keep pathogens out. Without this flexibility, your HVAC system can cause mass outbreaks.

Better Air for Healthier Patients

Recent advancements in technology have made air cleaning systems a crucial piece to indoor air quality and infection-control efforts. The most successful type is a catalytic air cleaning system, a very thorough filtering process. First, air passes through an air filter, then goes through ultraviolet germicidal irradiation area, and finally, through a photo-catalytic oxidation process. This process greatly reduces the circulation of microbiological elements, decreases VOC organic odors, and effectively removes even microscopic particles from the air flow.

Keep Your HVAC on Track

Like most equipment, avoiding ongoing maintenance can cause issues that go unnoticed until your patients are affected. In a recent investigation, the Center for Health Design determined a recent MRSA outbreak, as well as another infection, were both linked back to the hospital’s faulty ventilation system. More recently, a seventh patient has passed away due to a mold found at a Pittsburg hospital. The CDC inspected the facility, only to find that the ventilation system inside the negative pressure rooms where the patients were being treated was the likely cause.

If your HVACs aren’t performing to their full potential, you’re risking patient and personnel safety and comfort. It’s a good idea to conduct a critical system audit on your HVAC to identify performance gaps. You’ll save energy, improve reliability, reduce maintenance, and optimize use of personnel.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is not just an industry buzzword; it’s important to your patients’ health. At Anytime Heating & Cooling, we offer many products that can make a significant difference in your (IAQ), like humidifiers, air cleaners, and air purifiers. Contact us for more information, or give us a call at 678-606-9006.

6 Issues That Can Hurt Commercial AC Efficiency

6 Issues That Can Hurt Commercial AC Efficiency | Anytime MariettaFor commercial property owners and managers, one of the most important factors of property upkeep is maintaining the HVAC system. In addition to maintaining temperature consistency, the HVAC system impacts safety, energy bills, productivity, and employee and customer comfort. With temperatures on the rise, it’s important to pay attention to issues that can hurt your commercial AC efficiency. If you see warning signs of the following problems, it’s time to call a professional Marietta AC company to look at your system.

Refrigerant Leaks

Hot or warm air coming out of the AC unit could indicate low or leaking refrigerant. This is the liquid that the condenser uses to cool and dehumidify the air before it circulates through the building. Without enough refrigerant, the temperature inside the building will rise while the outdoor unit works overtime, resulting in additional system issues.   (more…)

Why is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

Why is Your AC Blowing Warm Air? | Anytime MariettaCurious as to why your AC is blowing warm air? Don’t sweat it! The reasons you aren’t staying cool can range from simple to complex. While some issues require the service of a Marietta AC company, you can cross of a few simple steps before you pick up the phone.

Start at the Thermostat

First, check the thermostat setting. When it’s set to “on,” that means the fan blows continuously, even when the air conditioner isn’t cooling. This results in your vents blowing out warm air even when the outside unit isn’t running. Leaving it on “auto” ensures the air blowing through your vents is being cooled. (more…)

4 Thermostat Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now

Two Outdoor Residential AC Units in Marrietta| Anytime HVACPerhaps you find it hard to keep your home or business at the temperature that you want it to be. To properly use a thermostat to your advantage, you need to know the truth behind how it works. The importance of a thermostat lies in the fact that it is the brains of your HVAC system. It’s possible to use it incorrectly if you don’t debunk these four myths with the help of your Marietta HVAC company.

Extreme Thermostat Settings Heat and Cool Quicker

Although the temptation to crank the AC or furnace all the way up to reach your desired temperature is strong — don’t do it. Your HVAC system heats and cools at a set rate. Cranking it way up will not make your home more comfortable any quicker. In fact, it is dangerous. If you set the temperature high and forget to turn it back, your house or business could reach uncomfortable temperatures that are harmful to children, elderly adults, or pets who can’t control the thermostat.


Expert HVAC Tech Advice: 4 More Myths, Busted!

HVAC Technician Holding Pressure Gauges | Anytime HVAC Additional energy savings are something to celebrate. We’ve already busted 6 myths, but there’s more where those came from. Keep on the path to energy efficiency with the following four myth-busting facts from your Marietta AC company. You will be pleased with the results.

Myth 1: An Energy Efficient Furnace Will Always Lower Your Energy Bill

Although an energy efficient furnace can be more efficient, it won’t always lower your energy bill. An oversized or undersized unit can actually cost you more money in the long run. Think of it like your vehicle. If your vehicle is way bigger than you need it to be, it will take an unnecessary amount of gas to get it where it needs to go. On the other hand, a vehicle that is too small might begin to strain while pulling a heavy load and running too hard. Just like matching your vehicle to the task at hand, matching your furnace to your home’s size is crucial. An HVAC company needs to accurately measure the size of your house and install an appropriately-sized furnace to ensure that you have the lowest energy bill.


Bipolar Winter Weather Got You Down? Here’s How to Beat It.

HVAC Unit Covered in Snow | Anytime HVACGeorgia weather is a rollercoaster that can throw you for a loop. One week, subfreezing temperatures greet you every morning, and the next week, flowers start peeking out of the ground to see if spring has arrived. Fluctuating temperatures outside may have you flipping between your AC and heat indoors. If you’re worried about how the hot and cold spikes could be affecting your energy bill, use these tips from a Marietta HVAC company to keep the inside of your home comfortable year-round, no matter what the weather brings.


Expert HVAC Tech Advice: 6 Myths, Busted!

Electronic Thermostat | Anytime HVACYour HVAC system works year-round to keep the temperature in your house comfortable. While we all seek ways to be energy efficient and save on utility bills, there are many myths on the best way to heat and cool your home. They’re common and easy enough to believe, but they can actually harm your HVAC system and your wallet. Learn the truth behind these myths with the following advice from your Marietta heating company.


Why You Should Only Hire Licensed Marietta HVAC Technicians 

Why You Should Only Hire Licensed Marietta HVAC Technicians | Anytime HVACIn the search for a good deal from a Marietta HVAC company, you may find that the least expensive price comes from a non-licensed contractor. It may seem like the best thing for your budget, but stop and think about the implications of hiring a non-licensed contractor before you make your final decision. You will find that the only safe thing to do is to hire a licensed technician. Here’s why.

Safety of Your Household

A non-licensed technician is operating outside of the laws of the state of Georgia. The odds that their work is safely performed according to regulations are small since they are already neglecting simple Georgia licensing rules. This becomes a problem as improper electrical connections to the unit might be made, causing a fire hazard. (more…)


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