Expert HVAC Tech Advice: 4 More Myths, Busted!

HVAC Technician Holding Pressure Gauges | Anytime HVAC Additional energy savings are something to celebrate. We’ve already busted 6 myths, but there’s more where those came from. Keep on the path to energy efficiency with the following four myth-busting facts from your Marietta AC company. You will be pleased with the results.

Myth 1: An Energy Efficient Furnace Will Always Lower Your Energy Bill

Although an energy efficient furnace can be more efficient, it won’t always lower your energy bill. An oversized or undersized unit can actually cost you more money in the long run. Think of it like your vehicle. If your vehicle is way bigger than you need it to be, it will take an unnecessary amount of gas to get it where it needs to go. On the other hand, a vehicle that is too small might begin to strain while pulling a heavy load and running too hard. Just like matching your vehicle to the task at hand, matching your furnace to your home’s size is crucial. An HVAC company needs to accurately measure the size of your house and install an appropriately-sized furnace to ensure that you have the lowest energy bill.

Myth 2: Duct Tape Does a Good Job of Fixing Leaks in Ducts

Duct tape is known to be the quick fix for almost anything. Ironically, ducts aren’t on the list of things it fixes well. The dusty conditions around ductwork joints make it difficult for duct tape to adhere to the surface. Over time, duct tape will fall off joints, creating leaks that drag down system efficiency. Mastic tape is the proper tape to fix any leaks in your ductwork. Make sure that whether you or an HVAC company is fixing your ducts that the proper tape is used.

Myth 3: Air Filter Maintenance Only Needs to be Done Once a Year

Annual tune-ups are great for your HVAC system. However, your filter needs to be replaced more often than that to keep your system healthy. It is a DIY task that should be done, at the minimum, every two months. Replacing it regularly will ensure that the air quality of your home stays on point while reducing stress on your system by freeing airflow. Take the next service visit as an opportunity to have your HVAC technician show you how to replace it yourself.

Myth 4: Insulation Alone Keeps the Cold Air Out

Insulation does a better job of keeping heat in than keeping cold air out. If you want to keep cold air out, it is best to identify and seal cracks in your house where cold air is coming in. Think of insulation like a heavy jacket that you wear out in the cold. Sealing the cracks in your house is like zipping up your jacket to prevent cold from coming in. If you have trouble identifying where air might be intruding, feel with your hands around windows and doors on a cold day. If you feel a draft, that is a sign that you need better sealing around that area.

Find the Truth About What Your Home Needs

Anytime HVAC will make an accurate assessment of your home’s system and do the necessary maintenance. Enjoy the comfort and savings of an efficient system in your home year-round. Our certified technicians are available to repair your system or replace it, depending on its condition. Anytime HVAC is always available with our 24/7 emergency service.

Contact Anytime HVAC of Marietta or call 678-606-9006 today for a maintenance check or free estimate on a new install.

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