Expert HVAC Tech Advice: 6 Myths, Busted!

Electronic Thermostat | Anytime HVACYour HVAC system works year-round to keep the temperature in your house comfortable. While we all seek ways to be energy efficient and save on utility bills, there are many myths on the best way to heat and cool your home. They’re common and easy enough to believe, but they can actually harm your HVAC system and your wallet. Learn the truth behind these myths with the following advice from your Marietta heating company.

MYTH: HVAC Filters Only Need Changing Once a Year

If you only change your air filter once a year, your HVAC system will have to work too hard to move air through clogged ducts. This could lead to a furnace that overheats or an AC unit that freezes up as air gets too hot or cold right near the unit due to lack of air flow.

To prevent this, make sure that you replace the filter every two months at a minimum. If you have lots of pet dander, dust, or pollen, even more frequent replacement is encouraged. Keep filters on hand for this DIY task. You can learn from your HVAC company where your filter is and how to replace it.

MYTH: Closed Doors Keep Air From Escaping

Many windows and doors are improperly sealed. Therefore, closing them alone won’t prevent heated or cooled air from escaping. Add weather-stripping to doors and windows to prevent energy loss. Check other escape areas around recessed lighting, electrical outlets, fireplaces, and attic hatches for gaps. The average house contains cracks and gaps that add up to a hole that is about 14 inches square.

MYTH: Closing Vents to Unused Areas Will Lower Your Energy Bill

Your HVAC unit is a forced air system that relies on the pressure load being balanced throughout the home. While closing ducts may seem like a great idea for rooms that you are not using, it creates an unequal pressure that ultimately makes the system work harder. This lack of balance creates strain that shortens the life of your HVAC system.

Rooms with blocked off vents also end up sucking energy from other rooms as they grow hotter or colder, making your HVAC work even harder. Allowing your system to work the way it was designed to is the best way to make it efficient and last longer.

MYTH: Ceiling Fans Can Cool a Room

If ceiling fans alone could cool a room, we wouldn’t need air conditioners. The reality is that fans make a room feel cooler as the air moves across your skin and dissipates your body heat more effectively. The result is that the temperature doesn’t need to be as low in that room to make you feel comfortable.

MYTH: Setting the Thermostat Higher Will Heat Your House Faster

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The reason for this is that your heater heats at the same rate no matter how high you turn up the thermostat. Setting your thermostat at 80 won’t help your house heat up more quickly from 65 to 70 degrees, but it will put a strain on your system.

MYTH: Setting the Thermostat Lower Will Quickly Cool Your House

Setting the thermostat for a colder setting than you need in the summer can cause your AC unit to literally freeze up due to running all the time. It will stop working, having the opposite of the desired effect. To avoid this, simply set the thermostat to where you want the temperature to be and leave it there. Your AC unit will thank you.

More Myth Busting

These six myths aren’t the only ones that can be busted. Many people think you should run your HVAC system until it fails. The truth is that Anytime HVAC can make your HVAC last longer with proper annual maintenance. A lot of the money that you are paying towards your energy bill can be saved with an efficient and properly maintained system.

Give Anytime a call today at 678-606-9006 for a maintenance checkup and start saving on energy costs.

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