Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Area Of Atlanta Does Anytime Service?

Our coverage area in Metro Atlanta goes as far north as Gainesville, as far south as Griffin, as far east as Covington, and as far west as Douglasville. Call today to see if your home or business is located in our service area.

2. Does Anytime Offer A Guarantee/Warranty?

Yes. We feel workmanship has a warranty that never expires. We offer a 10-year labor warranty on all equipment replacements & installations we do. We are the HVAC company that you can trust, and we stand behind our work.

3. Does Anytime Recommend Service Agreements?

Yes. Taking care of your HVAC equipment with regular maintenance can save you money by lowering your utility bills as well as prolonging the life of your A/C unit. If your HVAC equipment has minor problems that go unfixed, your operating costs can sometimes double. Regardless of the brand or size of your unit, all of the leading manufacturers recommend regular maintenance to keep your system running at maximum performance. A service agreement offers you the assurance that your system will continue to perform at maximum efficiency.

4. Which Manufacturers And Brands Does Anytime Carry And Service?

Anytime Heating & Cooling suggests and carries 18 different brands of HVAC equipment, including all of the top brands and manufacturers. However, Anytime can service, repair, and perform maintenance on any brand that you may currently have.

5. Does Anytime Offer Career Opportunities?

Yes. Anytime has field technicians as well as office employees. We provide a great, professional working environment and offer continued training in your field. If you desire a technician position in the HVAC field and would like to apply with Anytime Heating & Cooling, please email your resume to We are an affiliate of a larger network of companies who perform HVAC work throughout the southeastern United States. If you are interested in a carrier as a Heat Pump Specialist, A/C Specialist, or A/C Installation Specialist, please apply today.


6. Will Replacing My Old System Save Me Money?

Purchasing a new HVAC system can significantly lower your costs over a period of time. New HVAC equipment is designed to be highly efficient and use less energy to heat and cool your space which can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill. Because the newer units are higher in efficiency, you may be able to replace your current unit with a smaller one, saving money on purchasing costs.

7. What Is The Normal Life Expectancy Of An A/C Unit?

Of course the life expectancy of individual models will differ, a typical unit life is around 15 years. However, newer, more efficient models may last longer. If your A/C unit is frequently needing repairs, major parts replaced, driving up your monthly bill, or not cooling your living space like it used to, it is likely that your unit needs replacing. If you are noticing any of these things and your unit is still under warranty, you should call an Anytime technician and schedule an appointment.

8. What Are Some Helpful Tips For Saving Money And Making My HVAC Unit Last Longer?

Because every living space and unit are different and will run differently in different climates, it is impossible to suggest one unit that will save everyone money. However, Anytime can offer several helpful tips to boost efficiency and lower your monthly costs:

  • Change the filters regularly. We recommend at least once a month. Dirty filters can cause the unit to use more energy and lose efficiency.
  • Set your thermostat to moderate temperatures in Summer and Winter and never adjust it more than 5 degrees at a time.
  • ENERGY STAR appliances might cost a little more initially, but the high-efficiency units will more than make up for their cost over time on your utility bill.
  • Having the right size unit will keep you from paying for a unit that is too big or placing unnecessary stress on a unit that is too small.
  • Clean the blower, A-coil, and the inside of the unit to keep mold and mildew from spreading throughout the house and lowering air quality. Along with causing danger to your health, dust, mold, and mildew build-up lowers HVAC working efficiency and raises monthly utility bills.

9. What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat To In The Summer And Winter?

The answer to this question is going to be different for everyone because every person has a different comfort level. However, if you desire to set your thermostat to achieve maximum efficiency and lower your utility bill, then a good place to start is 78°-80° in the summer and 70°-72° in the winter. Also remember that when leaving your house, it is good to try and avoid drastic temperature changes. Avoid setting your thermostat to change more than 5° because this will make your unit work harder to achieve the desired temperature.

10. How Often Should I Change The Filters In My Unit?

Regardless of your filter type (disposable or washable), Anytime recommends that you replace/wash your filters at least once a month. If your filter gets clogged with dust and dirt, the efficiency of the entire unit can be negatively affected and can raise the cost of your monthly utility bill.

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It's really nice when you get fast, professional service these days and that's exactly what we got from Anytime Heating & Cooling. They arrived on time, diagnosed our heater's problem quickly, and had it fixed just as fast. The technician was very polite & knowledgeable, and the charges were very reasonable - especially for an emergency repair. We will recommend Anytime to all of our friends and neighbors.


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