How Long Does A/C Repair Typically Take for Marietta Homes?

If you’re battling the ever changing weather in the Atlanta metro area, there’s a chance that you’re relying solely on your A/C system to keep you comfortable inside. In Marietta, temperatures have been known to scorch in the high 90’s and even drop to low 40’s in the colder months. Therefore, when your air conditioning unit stops or malfunctions, response time by HVAC professionals becomes crucial. How Long Does A/C Repair Typically Take for Marietta Homes? | Anytime HVAC

In this case, homeowners begin to ask, how long does A/C repair typically take in Marietta?

The answer is based on the specific repairs that your air conditioning unit requires. Each type of fix takes a different amount of time to complete. For example:

Broken Compressor

Your A/C unit isn’t producing cold enough air and your home is left feeling sticky and hot. This could be a result of a broken compressor which, when working properly, helps cool your home’s air. Repairing a broken compressor can take at least a day to fix depending on whether your local HVAC service provider has the correct parts for replacement.

Low Refrigerant

Adding refrigerant is a simple fix that can even be accomplished by a homeowner. However, ensuring the job is done properly will require the assistance of a professional technician. Refrigerant allows your A/C system to cool the air that passes through it in order to cool the spaces of your home. Typically, adding refrigerant to your cooling system will take an experienced service professional anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Odd Noises and Smells

One of the more obvious signs that your A/C system needs repair is a stench or an odd sound being emitted. If you’ve noticed these indications, there are a few things that could be the cause, including a broken belt on your A/C fan or a broken condenser. Each of these issues will take just a few hours to repair and once completed, your system will run much quieter and without the musty odors.

Full Air Conditioning Replacement

The most complicated repair comes when there is no hope for repairing or replacing certain parts of your air conditioning system. In this case, it may be time to replace your entire A/C unit. This process takes a few days to complete, as the service professionals will have to completely remove your old system before installing a new one. Often, ductwork will need to be replaced as well, extending the replacement process. For much larger homes, replacing an A/C unit can last up to a week.

Choosing Anytime HVAC for Reliable Repairs

When it comes to timely A/C maintenance with an affordable price, Anytime HVAC is the trusted service provider for the Marietta area. We offer free estimates for your repair needs so you can have a clear picture of the time and costs associated with your home’s project.

For more information about Anytime HVAC’s repair services, contact us today at  678-606-9006!

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