How Marietta Families Can Breathe Better with Regular HVAC Maintenance 

How Marietta Families Can Breathe Better with Regular HVAC Maintenance | Anytime HVACIndoor air quality is a big deal. People think of polluted air as being in the atmosphere outside the home, but many times indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. This comes from a number of things such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, household products, and pesticides.

Pollutants like these can trigger allergies and asthma. But the good news is that a Marietta HVAC company can help you improve the air quality in your home through regular HVAC maintenance.

Filter Replacement

First and foremost, filters must be replaced every three months. A clogged filter will inhibit HVAC performance. Less air will be pulled through the system, meaning less air is filtered. If a filter is clogged enough, air will try to bypass the filter however it can, bringing unfiltered air into your home. If you aren’t sure where your filter is, you can have an HVAC company replace it during your next tune-up.  

MERV Ratings

Air filters come in different MERV ratings and are defined by their effectiveness in removing particles from the air. A filter with a higher rating can clean dust mite waste and mold spores out of the air.

Filters are rated from 1-16. Most standard AC filters have lower ratings of 1-4, which provide great airflow but are not as effective at cleaning the air in your home. Air filters on the high end of the scale are excellent at filtering air but may inhibit the flow of air through your system. The next time your HVAC tech is at your house, ask about a higher-rated filter that might be compatible with your HVAC system.

Whole House Filter

Whole house filters allow for the filtering of all particles without restriction of airflow. They require professional installation, but the result is much better filtration for the air in your home while not overstressing your HVAC unit.

A whole house filter offers the same filtration of a portable air filter, but with more comprehensive filtration since all of the air in your home is guaranteed to move through it. It also won’t be an eyesore like a portable unit because the whole house filter is tucked away with the HVAC unit. Ask about a whole house filter when you schedule a regular maintenance check.

Ductwork Check

During a maintenance check, ductwork can also be checked for leaks caused by loose or disconnected ductwork. These leaks can pull unwanted dirty air from the crawlspace or attic and into your home. This air isn’t just dusty, it also has the potential to be filled with dirt and mold. Having a professional inspect ducts is a great step. After inspection, reconnecting and sealing ductwork will help your family to breathe better.

A Company That Helps Your Family Breathe Better

If you haven’t thought about maintenance for your HVAC system in a while, chances are that it needs it. An HVAC tune-up by Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. will help your family breathe easier. A well-working HVAC system not only keeps the air comfortable, but safe and dust-free as well. Give Anytime Heating and Cooling Inc. a call today.



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