How to Determine Whether Your Marietta A/C’s Ductwork Needs Maintenance?

AC Installation | Anytime MAriettaWhile the health of your AC unit is extremely important, maintaining your home’s ductwork system is equally essential. Having clogged, leaky, loose ducts, or any other issues with your ductwork, can result in poor air quality. Faulty ducts buildup of dust and other particles throughout your home resulting in high energy costs, inconsistent airflows, and more. In addition to asking your favorite Marietta AC services company for advice on the matter, there are several ways to determine whether or not your ductwork needs maintenance.

Reasons Your Ductwork Needs Maintenance

Dusty Home – Leaky ducts can pull dust and other pollutants from the environment, and circulate them throughout your home. If you notice an abnormal amount of dust build-up in your home, it would be wise to contact your HVAC company and schedule a duct blower test.

Age – After about ten to fifteen years, ductwork will typically start to deteriorate. Some ducts may need to be replaced much sooner, while some ducts can make due with a simple repair in their old age. That being said, if your duct system is older than ten years old, there is a good chance your home is in need of at least some minimal ductwork maintenance.

Poor Air Quality – If you feel as though your home’s poor air quality is leading to respiratory issues or other health problems, you may have leaky or worn-down ductwork. If you think your air quality could be better, but you are not certain, find out for sure by having your HVAC professional take samples and analyze your air quality.

High Utility Bills – Leaks, clogging or blockage can all lead to exceptionally high utility bills. The more air that escapes from or is blocked within your ductwork, the harder your AC unit needs to work to keep your home at the temperature on the thermostat. High utility bills, especially in the winter and summer months, can be a strong sign that your ductwork is in need of maintenance.

Inconsistent Airflow – Another thing you can do, is simply check and compare how strongly air is flowing out of each vent in your home. Finding a vent with a significantly weaker airflow signifies some sort of blockage or crack in that portion of your ductwork.

Inspect Visually – You can easily inspect visible parts of your ductwork for any cracks, or for any crushed or tangled ducts in your system. You should also inspect any visible joints between your ducts for any openings or deteriorating duct tape.

Air Filters and Vents – If your vents need to be dusted or if your air filters need to be replaced more often than normal, there is a strong possibility that your ductwork has leaks, and is pulling in pollutants from your basement, attic, or outside. If either of these problems occur, ask your HVAC professional to search your ductwork for leaks.

Duct Blower Test – Your HVAC company should be able to conduct a duct blower test, which will determine the exact amount of air leakage in your ductwork relative to the total air flow through your system. While you do need an HVAC professional to conduct this test, it is arguably the most conclusive proof that your ductwork needs maintenance.

What To Do In Case Your Ductwork Needs Repair?

As part of Anytime Heating and Cooling’s overall HVAC analysis, technicians will inspect every inch of your home’s ductwork for blockage to improve air quality, lower your utility costs, and extend the life of your HVAC system. Call us today to find out more on how Anytime’s HVAC professionals can assist you in repairing or replacing your ductwork!




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