Most Common Signs that Your A/C Fan is Broken in Marietta

How Your Air Conditioner Works

The air conditioner redistributes air throughout your home, taking away the heat and blowing it outside.

Many people think it’s bringing air in from the outdoors, but this isn’t true.

Broken AC | Anytime HVACBecause the air is redistributed, it picks up everything that is in your home – dust, dirt and chemicals, turning them into a slime that covers parts of the air conditioning unit.

Without regular Marietta AC services, this will impede how well it functions, and can decrease its lifespan.

One essential element of your AC is its fan system, which is important to the compressor and condenser mechanisms.

What the Condenser Does in Your AC

This component converts the gas refrigerant into a liquid. It creates heat, which needs to be shuttled out of the system. The condenser fan will blow air over the condenser to remove the heat, and this lessens the pressure in the AC system by providing colder air.

What Happens When the Fan Breaks?

If the condenser fan is still working, the fan blades will be spinning at about 1725 revolutions per minute, and the air will be blowing outside.

However, if the fan isn’t working, the compressor may stop, break or become destroyed by over-pressurization or over-heating.

If the compressor or condenser unit is still powered, and the motor of the compressor starts and operates properly but the fan doesn’t start, it could be that the fan motor has overheated or is broken.

What the Compressor Does in Your AC

The compressor pushes refrigerant and circulates it through evaporator coils. The pressure causes these coils to become very cold, and warm air from inside the house is blown over the coils. This cools the air, which is then circulated back into the house, after which the now warmed refrigerant is blown back outside the house.

What Happens When the Compressor Breaks?

When the compressor can’t compress the refrigerant, the air conditioner will become less efficient, because cooling is only achieved by significant pressure in the coils.

– Hissing sounds could be the compressor, or mean there is a coolant leak.

– Noise may show the compressor is working at a higher rate of compression.

Other Problems with Your Fan

Believe it or not, you AC fan can actually break. Not just the motor, but also its blades. If this happens, you may be able to keep running it – but only for a limited time.

Off-centered, it will vibrate, putting strain on the bearings and the physical structure of the machine. Running it higher will wreck the motor. It will also not process air efficiently, which leads to a host of issues, from overheating inside the AC unit to poor air flow in your house.

Fixing fan trouble quickly is the way to keep strain off the more precious elements of the system – the compressor and condenser.

If you experience any of these problems, just call your expert technicians at Anytime for a diagnostic check and free estimate.


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