Questions to Ask Your Marietta A/C Repair Technician During the Next Visit

It’s never the wrong time to focus attention on your air conditioner. This incredible machine wins over HVAC technicians because the process by which it operates is actually quite interesting.

What to Ask Your AC Technician | Anytime HVAC

You Never Knew That Air Conditioning Could Be Interesting

Your Marietta AC services technician is interested in all of the intricacies of physics and chemistry that goes into bringing your home conditioned air. From the path the Freon, or refrigerant takes throughout the system, to the state change it undergoes (twice!) in the system to absorb heat and unload it outside your home.

Being a technician requires education, experience and understanding of the way heat, pressure, vacuums, evaporation, condensation and engine mechanics all come into play together.

So the next time you see your AC repair specialist – feel confident in his understanding of the natural laws and measurement that get your air conditioner in tip-top shape.

What Would Sherlock Holmes Do?

Approaching any air conditioner, and certainly any air conditioning problem requires you to put on your thinking cap.

It’s a puzzle, a mystery – and your technician has to diagnose by ruling out all of the possible things that are not wrong with your machine.

If you feel a lack of efficiency in your machine, it could be:

– a refrigerant problem

– a pump problem

– a filter problem

– leaky ducts

or an intake line that is too constricted for the compressor.

To nail down what’s really the problem, it helps to ask the right questions. Most to all of these questions will be asked by your technician.

But it doesn’t hurt for you to have your share of good questions, too.

Do I Need to Change the Filter?

The filter is important to change on regular basis. If you’re in an apartment that does it for you, they may only do it once or twice a year. However most AC technicians recommend doing it every 1-3 months, depending on whether you have pets or smoke.

Are All the Components Running Properly?

Knowing your AC system is made up of an evaporator coil, compressor, condenser and pressure metering unit, as well as the blower inside your home, plus ductwork – you can ask about each part and get a status check on them individually.

Is My Refrigerant Working Properly?

You want clean, flowing refrigerant that is pressurized properly at each stage and fully condenses and vaporizes to get maximum efficiency. Ask you technician if this is what you’re getting.

Is There Anything Else You Can Do To Get Me a More Efficient Machine?

Efficiency is the name of the game in AC servicing. You want the most for your money – not just so you stay cool, but so your compressor lasts a long time and isn’t compromised by some shortfall in the internal working of your system.

Little adjustments, such as cleaning out the outdoor AC unit, make a big difference!

To get all of your questions answered, just call Anytime and have a more efficient air conditioner. 


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