Reducing your Energy Bills During Summer Vacation

Reducing Energy Bills During Summer Vacation | Anytime HVACThe freedom of summer comes with its benefits like days of sun along the Georgia coast, weekend getaways to the Blue Ridge mountains and vacations all over the country. While you’re enjoying those trips, your energy bill is stacking up, waiting for you to return.

That’s why you’ll want to find ways to reduce your energy bill in Marietta during summer vacation.

Useful Tips and Tricks To Save You Money

Every problem has a solution and when it comes to saving on your energy bill while you’re away from your home during the summer, there are dozens of ways. Here are the most beneficial tips for your home:

1. Turn all lights off in your home while away on vacation. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home, install automatic timers that allow your lights to cut on at certain times during the day. By turning off lights, you’ll reduce your energy bill by at least six percent.

2. Keep your curtains and blinds closed. If you decide to keep your air conditioning system running while you’re out of town, blocking out extra sunlight will keep temperatures lower inside of your home. This will keep your system from cutting on as frequently, reducing your energy usage.

3. Unplug all electronic devices and lamps. Even though these devices might not be in use, they’ll still use a reserve power source. When totaled up over the time you’re on vacation, you could be spending three or four percent on reserve power usage.

4. Turn off your air conditioning system. This is probably the most cost-effective time for reducing energy usage while you’re away. If you’re gone for a week, that entire week can be saved in energy usage by simply cutting off your A/C. If you have pets at home, installing a programmable thermostat could help keep a comfortable temperature while cutting on and off at certain times during the day.

5. Turn off your water heater. This ensures no energy is spent trying to heat water that won’t be used at all while you’re away.

6. Consider unplugging your refrigerator or lowering the inside temperature. Your refrigerator uses the most energy out of all your appliances because it constantly runs to cool what’s inside. If you do this, be sure to empty out your refrigerator so you won’t come home to any foul smells.

Your Trusted HVAC Service Provider in Marietta

Summers in Marietta can leave your home sweltering inside in the event your air conditioning system fails. Another huge tip for summer preparations is finding an expert HVAC technician to check your A/C system for any energy saving solutions to help you save on your electric costs.

For more information on how Anytime HVAC can help reduce your power bills, contact them today at 770-504-5881!

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