Top Warning Signs that Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Service for Marietta Homeowners

Signs often happen for a reason and during the summer, it’s vital to pay attention to them especially when they could be telling you vital information about your A/C unit. As the months pass since your last maintenance check-up, your system can be damaged by weather related events, or aging may cause other issues. A/C Unit Repair | Anytime HVAC

It’s important to know some of the top warning signs that your air conditioning unit needs service. For Marietta homeowners, it’s crucial so you can stay comfortable this summer without spending a bundle on repair or power bill costs.

Age Is Important 

Believe it or not, even though nothing is physically wrong with your A/C system, it doesn’t mean that things can’t go bad the next day. Older systems usually have a shelf life of about 15 years depending on how often maintenance is done.

If you haven’t replaced your system and it’s been over 15 years, double up maintenance calls just to be safe. You can get the most out of your A/C system by getting quality check-ups in throughout the year.

High Power Bills

It’s a sign that can hurt your eyes and even your wallet depending on how much energy you system wastes a month. Normally if your bills are higher each month, it means your system is doing extra work to keep your home cool:

1. There may be a leak inside of your home’s’ ductwork where cold air is escaping, causing your A/C system to run continuously to cool your home that isn’t getting cooled.

2. Your unit’s air compressor may be malfunctioning causing lukewarm air to blow out, which takes longer to cool your home. Therefore, your A/C system will run longer to in order to cool with the lukewarm air.

3. Air is barely blowing out of your unit which means there’s an obstruction in your airway flow. A dirty air filter or blockage in your ductwork throughout your home can prevent air.

Constant Repairs 

Repair costs can add up and eventually you’ll be looking at replacing your A/C unit once there are no more repairs to be done. If you notice you’re calling your local HVAC maintenance provider more than once every two or three months, there may be something wrong with your system.

Replacing your A/C unit due to high repair costs can help you avoid spending money only to have it wasted by having to replace your old unit with a new one.

Choosing Anytime HVAC for your A/C Repair

As you begin to assess whether or not your system needs repairs, call Anytime HVAC for a free consultation on air conditioning repairs that could keep your home cold as ice during the sweltering summer in Marietta.

Contact Anytime HVAC today at (770) 504-5881!  

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