What are the Benefits of Geothermal Heat?

Geothermal heating uses ground source energy, and it relies on the sun’s energy in order to create power. There are a variety of benefits to this heating system, and by better understanding what they are, you can determine whether contacting your Marietta HVAC services professional to ask about this option is right for you.

Lower Operating Costs

Geothermal heating systems have efficiency ratings between 400 and 500 percent. These ratings are the ratio of the heat the unit generates versus the energy that is needed to produce the heat. Therefore, if a unit has a rating lower than 100 percent, you are actually losing some of the heat that you are paying for.

Longer Life

Geothermal heating units typically last longer than conventional units. While the average lifespan of a traditional system is up to 15 years, geothermal systems can easily last from 20 to 24 years or longer.


Geothermal units don’t use flammable fossil fuels. Since no chance of combustion exists, there is also no chance of hazardous fumes, carbon monoxide poisoning, or explosion.

Quiet Operations

Traditional heat pumps and air conditioners use noisy equipment, but geothermal furnace systems use a design that isolates the compressor of the unit. This helps to eliminate any vibration or rattling that is caused when the system operates.

Environmental Impact

Geothermal heating and cooling systems impact the environmental in a positive way, since they don’t burn fossil fuels and only need a small amount of electricity to operate. The EPA and Department of Energy have identified these systems as the best way to heat a home in an environmentally friendly manner.


Geothermal heating systems are flexible and are excellent options for almost every situation. These systems work well in colder climates as well as warmer, southern conditions. They can also be used in homes of varied sizes, and both new and existing homes can use them, as well.

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