Why is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

Why is Your AC Blowing Warm Air? | Anytime MariettaCurious as to why your AC is blowing warm air? Don’t sweat it! The reasons you aren’t staying cool can range from simple to complex. While some issues require the service of a Marietta AC company, you can cross of a few simple steps before you pick up the phone.

Start at the Thermostat

First, check the thermostat setting. When it’s set to “on,” that means the fan blows continuously, even when the air conditioner isn’t cooling. This results in your vents blowing out warm air even when the outside unit isn’t running. Leaving it on “auto” ensures the air blowing through your vents is being cooled.

Clear the Airflow

A dirty air filter can lead to the compressor freezing up and less air coming out of your vents. To prevent this, check the air filter regularly to see if it needs to be replaced.

Airflow is also restricted if the outside unit’s moving parts are blocked. To keep the condenser unit from clogging up, be sure to remove any debris, dirt, shrubs, and tall grass from the system.

Find the Power Source

The inside and outside units of your AC system have to work together to efficiently cool your home. If the outside unit loses power, you’ll feel warm air coming out of the vents. The first place to check is the circuit breaker. If it hasn’t been tripped, look for the emergency shutoff switch, which should be located near the outside unit. Flipping the switch all the way “off” and then back “on” should fix the issue. If the AC unit continues to trip the breaker, you could have a serious electrical problem that requires professional help.

Losing Your Coolant

If you’ve checked off everything above, and your AC unit is still not doing its job, you could be low on refrigerant or the unit has a leak. Call an authorized AC technician to identify and fix the leak so they can restore it to the proper refrigerant levels.

Get Your Ducts in a Row

A broken or disconnected return duct pulls warm, outside air or stuffy attic air and blows it throughout your home. Most of your ducts are in the walls and ceiling, meaning you’ll need to call in the pros to locate and repair any issues.

Prevent AC Problems with Regular Maintenance

While you can solve many of your own AC problems, some require a professional AC company like Anytime HVAC. Not only can we service your unit and stop it from blowing warm air, we also can help prevent future issues with a regular HVAC maintenance program. A little prevention goes a long way. We’re dedicated to keeping your home safe and comfortable when temperatures rise. For more information, contact us at 678-606-9006.

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