Why You Should Only Hire Licensed Marietta HVAC Technicians 

Why You Should Only Hire Licensed Marietta HVAC Technicians | Anytime HVACIn the search for a good deal from a Marietta HVAC company, you may find that the least expensive price comes from a non-licensed contractor. It may seem like the best thing for your budget, but stop and think about the implications of hiring a non-licensed contractor before you make your final decision. You will find that the only safe thing to do is to hire a licensed technician. Here’s why.

Safety of Your Household

A non-licensed technician is operating outside of the laws of the state of Georgia. The odds that their work is safely performed according to regulations are small since they are already neglecting simple Georgia licensing rules. This becomes a problem as improper electrical connections to the unit might be made, causing a fire hazard.

Combustible gasses become a problem with a poor installation job. Even more of an issue is the improper routing of poisonous carbon monoxide exhaust gasses out of the house from the furnace, which could cause them to leak into the living space of your home. This can cause serious illness.

Avoid a Voided Warranty

If you have an unlicensed technician work on your HVAC system, it may be the same thing as saying goodbye to your warranty. Some manufacturers will void a warranty if a non-licensed technician works on their product. Cross reference the license number of your technician with the state of Georgia licensing board before any work begins on your HVAC system.

Bad Advice

An unlicensed technician may have bad advice. This might happen when they sell you an undersized unit to minimize costs. The result will be a unit that wears out while it struggles to keep up or can’t keep up with seasonal temperatures. This leaves parts of your house inadequately heated or cooled.

Poor Quality Work

Work quality can suffer from a non-licensed technician. This can show up in things like loosely connected ductwork that causes efficiency to suffer, or a condensate line that lets water into your basement, causing mold. Problems like these will affect your health and energy costs, which are not worth sacrificing for a cheaper price in the short term.

Technicians Should also be Insured

License and insurance should come together with the services your HVAC company provides through their technicians. This means that you are covered if something gets damaged in your house from the install. A quality HVAC company will provide workers comp insurance for their technicians, protecting both employers and homeowners. An uninsured technician could sue the customer in the event of on-the-job injuries.

A Company You Can Trust

Anytime HVAC has more than just licensed and insured technicians. Our technicians have the nationally recognized NATE certification, and they will give you solid advice for the repair of your unit and maintenance that it may need. If you need a new system, Anytime HVAC will take detailed calculations of your home based not only on square footage, but also on the quality of insulation and sealing of your house. Contact Anytime today.


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